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Throwback CSL Virginia / Ulysse oil spill - 2018/201914/05/2020

One year ago, our teams ended the cleaning operations in the South of France of the pollution caused by the collision of the ships CSL Virginia and Ulysse.

Here is a throwback of these operations that lasted approx. 7 months.

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Sargassum Caribbean Project06/03/2020

Our company made an intervention in Guadeloupe for :

 - the deployment of boom to protect areas from sargassum and deflect the sargassum

 - the screening/beach cleaning of areas impacted by sargassum in Sainte-Anne and Saint-François. 

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Oil spill - Port of Roscoff19/02/2020

Le Floch Dépollution made an intervention during 3 days this february for the cleaning of docks located in the Port of Roscoff, France following an accidental spill. Our team made the following operations :

 - deployment of sorbent booms;

 - high pressure cleaning, pumping and rinsing operations;

 - recovery of the polluted sorbents deployed by the municipalitie's agents;

 - storage and transfer of waste.

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